2018 Award Winner!

arpa.e 2018 Award Winner for Advance New Class of High-Performance Power Converters. SiC-Based Extremely Compact,  Inverter for High Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM)  Imagen and its project team will develop a SiC-based compact motor drive system to efficiently control high power, high performance permanent magnet electric motors operating at extremely high speed. Imagen Energy’s design seeks to address a major roadblock in operating electric motors at high speed, namely overcoming large back electromotive forces (BEMF).

2017 NSF Award Winner!


  • 2017 SBIR Award Winner:Advanced Technology to Reduce Size and Cost of Energy Storage  System.The broader impact/commercial potential of this project is to enable vast deployment of energy storage to increase installation of renewable energy for reduced pollution and greenhouse gases, to improve energy security, and to improve energy efficiency and safety. The project will realize a dramatic reduction in cost and size of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that will allow penetration of ESS into markets served by fossil fuels. One key market is grid ancillary services which includes Frequency Regulation (FR) that regulates grid frequency and stability.