Imagen Energy Storage System

The integrated Energy Storage System (iESS) is modular, scalable and highly efficient, providing flexibility and improved performance required by the energy storage market. One of the key benefits of iESS is a reduced logistical footprint due to the independent Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) of the inverter and battery string. 

The IM-100 series power converter, installed at the top of the battery enclosure, is a bi-directional, multi-level, 100kW rated inverter housed in a 4U, 24” x 17” x 7” rack mounted configuration with sliding rails for easy installation. Integrated L-C-L filters using specialized materials allow the inverter to deliver a three-phase output at full load with a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of <3.5% in both operating modes (charging and discharging). The 100kWhr battery and 100W inverter are housed in a standard cabinet: 19” x 30” x 87” that is easily scalable for large energy storage installations by connecting iESS systems in parallel.

Detail Information
  • Modular 
  • Scalable to 1MW 
  • 480V 3phase AC output
  • Battery voltage up to 1000VDC
  • Transformer-less
  • Grid-tie / Stand-alone

A turn-key energy storage system (ESS) that is compact, modular, and scalable.

  • Back-up power
  • Back-up power
  • Microgrid Support
  • Grid Load Leveling
  • Datacenter Backup