High Speed, High Power Electric Drive

Imagen has developed a SiC-based compact motor drive system to efficiently control high power (up to 500 kW), high performance permanent magnet electric motors operating at extremely high speed (greater than 20,000 rpm). Imagen Energy’s design seeks to address a major roadblock in operating electric motors at high speed, namely overcoming large back electromotive forces (BEMF). The team demonstrate a motor drive capable of handling large BEMF and increase motor system efficiency over a broad range of operating speeds. The system incorporate active front end as well as output inverter to control motor operation. The system specifications are as follows.

Converter Detail Specifications
  • Extremely compact
  • High power density (25kW/L and 19kW/Kg)
  • Three-Phase input and output
  • Both AFE and Inverter stages included
  • Line Voltage/Power: 380V/250kW, 480V/350kW, 690V/500kW
  • DC bus voltage: up to 1500V
  • Maximum Efficiency: 99%
  • Communication: SAE J1772 CCS1/CCS2 and CHAdeMO
  • Input and output filters included
  • AC and DC fuses included
  • Advanced three-level topology (reducing harmonics and EMI)
  • Liquid-cooled
  • FPGA-based control
  • Modbus or CAN System Control
  • Dimensions: 9" by 17" by 30"
Means of protection

Over voltage, Under voltage, Motor short-circuit protection, Motor over-current, Instantaneous over-current, Phase loss detection, Phase imbalance detection, Under load supervision, Over load supervision, Stall protection VFD, Over-temperature External trip, Input Motor thermistor, Input Loss of reference / feedback (4-20mA)